Diversity, equality, inclusion and well-being are the cornerstones for high-quality work and success.

Our responsibility efforts include supporting employee commitment and well-being, maintaining an atmosphere where all employees feel safe, minimising our environmental impacts and ensuring high game quality, safety and compliance.

Our Actions to Support Employee Commitment And Well-being

We have set out to be the most attractive gaming industry employer in Europe. Because our success is directly related to our ability to attract and retain top talent, we are committed to maintain a working environment that values employee diversity, equality, inclusion and well-being.

The market for top talent in the video game industry is very competitive. Thus, to succeed in our mission to be the most attractive gaming industry employer in Europe, we need to offer competitive benefits and support employee career progression to enable personal growth. For many years, our principle has been to share the success of Remedy with our employees.

We also want to ensure our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing both at work and home. As part of this, we offer flexible working hours and work closely with occupational health professionals to proactively address any potential employee well-being issues. We constantly follow employee engagement with a survey tool Peakon and maintain an open dialog with employees to ensure a high level of satisfaction. To lower the feedback barrier, our tools offer a possibility for anonymous discussion with the HR team.

During the Covid era, we have paid extra attention to mental well-being. As a part of this, we have provided our employees with a possibility to use mental healthcare services more extensively than before. We have also offered remote sports lessons and personal trainer services.

For many years, we have also supported gender equality by encouraging both mothers and fathers to keep parental leave and have provided them with nine weeks paid absence no matter the gender. We also have an extensive occupational health care service package in place for all our employees.

Our team consists of 320 people divided into headcount of 294 and extended workforce of 26. The Headcount represents 32 nationalities. Out of these, 48% are of Finnish nationality and 52% are other nationalities, whereas 21% of our personnel are women and 79% are men. The proportion of women has risen by 8 percentage points from the end of 2017. In 2021, our average employee was 35 years old. 50% of our employees were under 35 years old, 49% 35-50 years old and 1% over 50 years old.

We train our leaders and measure satisfaction. To succeed in our mission to be the most attractive gaming industry employer in Europe, we also need to train our leaders to successfully manage teams that consist of people with different backgrounds. We expect our leaders to nurture a work culture based on diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect and require them to set the standards for all new employees entering Remedy.

For many years, we have organized an ongoing leadership development program. In late 2021, we also introduced a more intensive leadership program that was attended by some 90 supervisors and leaders.

Additionally, our leaders regularly arrange one-on-one discussions with their team members. All employees complete a survey on average every nine weeks so that we can measure job satisfaction and determine which areas need further improvement. Results are discussed with supervisors in one-one-one meetings, which our HR department conducts with all supervisors.

Our Anti-harrasment Policy And Code of Conduct

To succeed in our mission to be the most attractive gaming industry employer in Europe, we also need to maintain an atmosphere where all employees feel safe and comfortable when they interact with each other. As our written Anti Harassment Policy and Equality Plan makes clear, we have a zero-tolerance policy against all types of harassment and discrimination based on gender, race, color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, or any other similar characteristic, whether it is verbal or physical. This applies broadly to, for example, recruitment and hiring, compensation, working conditions, terms of employment, access to training, promotion, termination of employment or retirement. These policies also provide that we do not accept any inappropriate or toxic behavior.

Additionally, our Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Conduct that reflects our core values and forms a guide to ethical conduct. The Code is applicable to our entire organization and covers anti-corruption, anti-bribery, human rights issues, among others. Accordingly, we also have a zero-tolerance policy for all kinds of corruption and bribery, and do not tolerate human rights abuses in our workplace or supply chain. Risks related to corruption, bribery, human rights, and discrimination are assessed annually as part of our risk management procedure.

Our Efforts to Prevent And Minimize Environmental Impact

We also aim to prevent and minimize the negative environmental impacts of our operations. Our aim is to take environmental aspects into account in all our actions and promote sustainable solutions.

Remedy’s main environmental impacts stem from office and computer hardware energy consumption and, indirectly, product distribution. We pay an increasing amount of attention to the energy efficiency of our business premises. Our office in Espoo obtains 85% of its power from renewable energy sources. The location of the premises enable public transportation usage and employees can use company bicycles when travelling during the workday. We use online meetings as much as possible and consider all air travel needs carefully. Additionally, all our games are available as digital downloads, which do not require physical packaging and which, thus, reduces material consumption and carbon emissions produced by manufacturing and distribution. The risks of any significant environmental damage due to our operations are minimal, however.

Our Efforts to Ensure Game Quality, Safety And Compliance

Responsible gaming is becoming a more important focus area of our corporate responsibility efforts. Our aim is to ensure high game quality, safety, and compliance. Most of our games are action-adventures designed for mature audiences, so we pay careful attention to appropriate reviews and labelling. Before their release, our games are reviewed in relevant market territories by video game entertainment ratings bodies, such as PEGI and ESRB. This helps us label our products and marketing materials with appropriate age ratings and content categories, which act as guidelines for both consumers and companies. In Finland, we are a member of Neogames through which we support and participate in the development of Finland’s game industry.

We are in the process of structurally mapping out further areas of corporate responsibility improvement and expect to take new steps in 2022.