Remedy’s sustainability strategy is based on three sustainability pillars, under which are seven sustainability topics. These topics are in the core of our sustainability work.

Pillar 1: People at the heart of everything we do

Professional development, mentoring and wellbeing at work
We mentor people to grow as professionals in a culture that is based on camaraderie, a pioneering spirit and smart creativity. We provide opportunities for professional growth and internal career development. We want to ensure mental and physical wellbeing of our employees. We value a healthy work-life balance and ongoing development of good leadership practices.

Diversity, equity and inclusion
We are a safe and welcoming place to work for people with diverse backgrounds.

Pillar 2: Memorable experiences for fans across the globe

Safety of the gaming community
Our games can create fond, lifelong memories. We want to build diverse and safe online communities that foster creativity and encourage people to enjoy our games and express themselves. We have zero tolerance for harassment in our community.

Responsible gaming
The reason we exist is to make great games that players love to play. These games comply with the applicable legislation and industry norms and form safe environments for everyone to enjoy. Through education, recruitment and participating in industry initiatives we strive to increase the ways diversity and cultural inclusivity are taken into account in game development. We want to employ transparent pricing models while adhering to and promoting best practices and fair and ethical game operations.

Pillar 3: Responsible member of the society

Ethical business practices
Our goal is to maintain a value chain that lives up to our standards, which includes conducting business in an ethical manner and complying with relevant laws and regulations. We do not tolerate corruption, bribery, money laundering or human rights abuses in our workplace and require that our business partners uphold the same values and standards that we set for ourselves. We proactively manage cybersecurity risks and promote transparency in the collection and use of personal information.

Stakeholder engagement
Having open dialogue with our stakeholders in different parts of society is important to us. We co-operate with schools and universities and are an active member in game industry associations such as Neogames. Together with our peers, we seek to positively impact the development and standards of the whole game industry.

Impact on environment
We actively work to mitigate our carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment through energy efficient offices, sensible travelling, usage of renewable energy and recycling. We actively participate in forums that promote sustainable and responsible use of natural resources and preservation of biodiversity.