Creating high quality games and recognizable game brands for our fans across the globe for years to come. Remedy’s long-term strategic objectives by 2025:

  • To create several successful games and at least one major hit game.
  • To own at least three successful, growing game brands, all with long-term hit potential.
  • To create more value and builds capabilities so that it can select the best commercial model for each game, including self-financing, self-publishing and working with a strong publishing partner.
  • To become the most attractive gaming industry employer in Europe.
  • To have a profitable and growing business with well-managed risks.


Remedy aims to achieve its long-term objectives by adhering to the following strategic guidelines:

1. Build a portfolio of recognized, growing game brands

Remedy has the rare skill of creating world class gaming brands, which it owns and expands over time. Each brand and game stands on its own, while still connecting to a wider, underlying Remedy universe.

2. Create long-engaging games in immersive and expanding worlds

Out of these brands, Remedy creates distinctive, benchmark-setting games. Remedy provides fresh and memorable experiences, which are built on top of its world-building, storytelling, and gameplay capabilities. Remedy leverages synergies across games and creates new ways to engage its players for longer periods. Each game and game world creates opportunities for expansions, sequels, and spin-offs.

3. Strengthen our position in the value chain

To create more value in the future, Remedy strengthens its capabilities to work with world-class publishing partners, to co-publish and co-finance games selected games, and to also have the option to self-finance and self-publish selected future games. Remedy continues to build capabilities and different ways of working to increase the overall business potential of its games.

4. Iterate towards more expansive experiences with professional and scalable game productions

Remedy builds synergies among its games, and game by game, iterates towards larger games. Remedy continues to develop its efficient multi-project model, its production processes and strong execution capabilities. Remedy develops its internal
development teams and increases its scalability by expanding its co-development with partner studios.

5. Empower creative, world-class teams and people

Remedy continues to invest in and develop its creative, world-class people in well-functioning teams, supported by best-in-class people processes. Remedy systematically builds its employer brand and attracts top talent. Remedy enables people and teams to work efficiently by providing them with sufficient autonomy and support to fully utilize and develop their special skills.