Project portfolio

Looking at our project portfolio, we have currently five games in development. Out of the five games we have in development, we are co-financing four games that are based on Remedy-owned brands and one game is fully funded by our publishing partner.


Long-term business prospects

We have several games in development, each with a world-class partner and agreed long-term development fees. These development fees form a strong and predictable revenue basis for many years. On top of these revenues, we have the less predictable but highly scalable revenue streams arising from game royalties.

Our assumptions for individual game royalties are inherently conservative, due to the amount and nature of the variables impacting game sales. However, each high-quality game that stands out in the market has the potential to succeed in a bigger way, which would drive significant revenue and operating profit growth. Our games and brands are transforming into longer-lasting experiences that typically continue to sell for years.

In relation to our longer-term game roadmap, we now have five game projects in development and will have major game launches starting from 2023. The timing of individual game launches and new game development agreements may cause variation from quarter to quarter and year to year. With several games out in the market accruing royalties and several new ones in development, this variation is expected to decrease in the coming years.

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