The Remedy culture consists of three core values. They describe who we are and how we work and interact together. We base our decisions and actions on camaraderie, pioneering spirit, and smart creativity. Our three core values together make us One Remedy. 


We trust each other and we’re excited to collaborate — together, we create things that deserve celebration. We have passion to work as One Remedy team, but we also value life outside of work. 

We embrace what makes everyone unique. We create a safe environment where everyone is respected and can have their voice heard. We communicate in a direct and honest manner, and always assume good intent. 

We are One Remedy and when our community of Remedians needs help, we act. Through camaraderie, we create extraordinary worlds together. 

Pioneering spirit

We are a group of passionate developers, pioneers in our field. To create amazing and unexpected experiences, we strive to learn and grow continuously, as individuals and as One Remedy. 

We explore opportunities, experiment new things and take conscious risks to make games that stand out. We take our best experiments and ideas and make them come alive in our games. 

We honor our legacy and value our history but don’t let them hold us back. At our core, we bring a pioneering spirit to our pursuit of great entertainment. 

Smart creativity

Our creativity and freedom are fueled by our commercial success. We’re passionate about making games loved by millions and millions of players everywhere. As One Remedy, we are proud of the work we do and the games we make. 

We use our valuable time and resources smartly, matching our creativity with our capabilities. We believe in an iterative mindset taking us further step by step. We utilize what we have already built to unleash our creativity for even greater games. 

We balance our freedom with responsibility, making sure we keep our commitments. With smart creativity we get things done.