Our aim is to make great games that can create fond, lifelong memories.

When making games, people are at the heart of everything we do. Our culture is based on creativity, teamwork, trust and responsibility and caring for one another. We want to be a safe and welcoming place to work for people with diverse mindsets and backgrounds. We believe that diversity, equality, inclusion and wellbeing are the cornerstones for creativity and success. Our games are played by millions of players globally. We want to build diverse and safe online communities to enable players to engage with one another in a positive way. Together with our peers, we seek to positively impact the development and standards of the whole game industry.

In 2022, Remedy carried out a materiality analysis to map the expectations of different stakeholders regarding Remedy’s sustainability work and the sustainability topics that are viewed as most essential for Remedy. As part of the analysis, representatives of Remedy’s key stakeholders, e.g. investors, analysts, partners, and personnel, were interviewed.

Based on these results and internal workshops, Remedy has created the materiality matrix, which illustrates the company’s most material and impactful sustainability topics. The matrix and topics have been used as the foundation for creating sustainability strategy for Remedy.