Remedy’s Disclosure Policy

Remedy complies with EU regulation¹ and other applicable regulations, Finnish legislation, the rules and regulations concerning the marketplace as well as the guidelines of the Financial Supervisory Authority in its communications.

The purpose of the company’s disclosure policy is to determine the key principles and procedures that relate to the provision of information and other external communications and which the company complies with in its financial reporting and communications with the capital markets, media and other stakeholders. The disclosure policy and the associated procedures aim to ensure, among other things, that the company’s external communications, such as stock exchange releases, meet the applicable requirements set by the Securities Markets Act and other regulations.

The disclosure policy will be reviewed and updated when needed. This page includes certain key sections from the disclosure policy in question.

The Principles And Objectives of Disclosure

The goal of the company’s communications is to ensure that all participants in the market have – simultaneously and without delay – sufficient, reliable, essential and consistent information about the company and its operations as well as about matters affecting the value of the company’s financial instrument. Information that may affect the value of the company’s financial instrument will be announced to the capital markets and other key stakeholders simultaneously and without undue delay.

The company is committed to the following key principles in its communications:

  • information is provided in a fair, consistent and continuous manner;
  • information is accurate, reliable and relevant; and
  • essential information will be announced without delay and shall be easily accessible to investors, market participants and the company’s stakeholders.

The company’s objective is to always provide consistent, reliable, sufficient and timely information for the markets to ensure that the participants in the capital markets have as transparent and clear a view as possible of the company and its business operations to be able to assess the company’s financial situation and the value of its financial instruments.

Silent Period

A silent period always precedes the regularly published financial reports and begins 30 days prior to the publication date of the following financial report and ends upon the publication of the financial report. During the silent period, Remedy does not comment on the company’s financial situation, markets or future prospects. During the silent period, the company representatives do not meet investors, analysts or other market operators or otherwise comment on matters concerning the company’s financial situation or general views.

The Chairman of the Board or the CEO shall, on a case-by-case basis, decide on whether to give interviews on inside information published during the silent period.

The dates of the silent periods are shown in the investor calendar on the company’s website.


¹ The disclosure policy acknowledges EU’s market abuse regulation (“MAR”) that came into effect on July 3, 2016.