General Meeting Materials

General Information

Remedy’s shareholders exercise their decision-making power at the company’s General Meeting.

Pursuant to Remedy’s Articles of Association, the General Meeting shall be held annually within six months from the end of the financial year on a date determined by the Board of Directors. Additionally, pursuant to the Finnish Companies Act, a General Meeting must be held if requested in writing by the company’s auditor or shareholders representing no less than one tenth of all shares in Remedy.

The matters that can be considered at General Meetings are listed in Remedy’s Articles of Association and the Finnish Companies Act.

Shareholders are summoned to General Meetings by means of a General Meeting notice published on Remedy’s investor website and as a stock exchange release.

Shareholder Proposals

Each Remedy shareholder has the right to have an item on the agenda of an Annual General Meeting if the proposed item falls within the shareholders’ decision-making power by virtue of the Finnish Companies Act and if the shareholder requests this in writing by submitting a request addressed to Remedy’s Board of Directors by 15 January each year.

Requests can be submitted by e-mail to

Board Composition Proposal Procedure

Remedy’s Board of Directors or its largest shareholders prepare and submit the Board composition proposal to Remedy’s Annual General Meeting. The proposal is included in the notice to the Annual General Meeting and prepared in accordance with Remedy’s Board Composition and Diversity Policy.