The Annual General Meeting of Remedy Entertainment Plc will be held on Monday 6 April 2020 at 3:00 pm (EET) at Remedy’s headquarters, auditorium Wake at Luomanportti 3, Espoo (Finland).

The reception of persons who have registered for the meeting as well as voting tickets distribution will commence at the venue at 2:30 pm (EET). The event has free parking, nearest metro stop Niittykumpu. The venue is wheelchair accessible. The meeting will be held in Finnish.

The right to participate and registration

Each shareholder, who is on the record date for the meeting on 25 March 2020 registered in the shareholders’ register of the company held by Euroclear Finland Ltd, has the right to participate in the meeting. A shareholder, whose shares are registered on their personal Finnish book-entry account, is registered in the shareholders’ register of the company.

A shareholder who is registered in the shareholders’ register of the company and wants to participate in the meeting shall register for the meeting no later than on 1 April 2020 at 10:00 am (EET) by giving a prior notice of participation.

Such notice can be given:

In connection with the registration, a shareholder shall notify their name, personal identification number, address, telephone number and the name of a possible proxy representative or assistant and the personal identification number of a proxy representative. The personal data given to Remedy Entertainment Plc is used only in connection with the meeting and with the processing of related registrations.

Proxy representative and powers of attorney

A shareholder may participate in the meeting and exercise their rights at the meeting by way of proxy representation. A proxy representative shall produce a dated proxy document or otherwise in a reliable manner demonstrate their right to represent the shareholder at the meeting. When a shareholder participates in the meeting by means of several proxy representatives representing the shareholder with shares at different securities accounts, the shares by which each proxy representative represents the shareholder shall be identified in connection with the registration for the meeting.

Possible proxy documents should be delivered in originals to Remedy Entertainment Plc, Annual General Meeting, Luomanportti 3, 02200 Espoo, Finland before the last date for registration.

Holder of nominee registered shares

A holder of nominee-registered shares is advised to request without delay necessary instructions regarding the temporary registration in the shareholders’ register of the company, the issuing of proxy documents and preregistration for the meeting from their custodian bank.

The account manager of the custodian bank has to register a holder of nominee-registered shares, who wishes to participate in the meeting, temporarily in the shareholders’ register of the company by 10:00 am (EET) on 1 April 2020.