Risk Management

Remedy’s Board of Directors has adopted a Risk Management Policy that documents our risk management principles.

The purpose of our risk management systems is to support the achievement of our strategic objectives by identifying, evaluating, and managing risks that could prevent us from reaching those objectives.

Risk management is embedded into our operations though the following processes:

  1. General Risk Management: Our general risk management process provides us with a comprehensive, bird’s eye view of Remedy’s key strategic, operative, and financial risks.
  2. Operative Risk Management: Our day-to-day risk management processes aim to ensure that our games are developed and shipped within agreed parameters such as budget, timing, and quality.
  3. Strategic Deal Risk Management: Our strategic deals are negotiated by an experienced deal team that assesses and negotiates significant deals with due care, while also considering the risks involved.
  4. Financial Risk Management: Our finance function manages our financial risks.
  5. Board Supervision: The Board supervises that our risk management systems are effective.

Further information on Remedy’s risk management systems is included in our Corporate Governance Statement.

For further information on risk factors pertaining to Remedy and its business, please see the “Risks and Uncertainties” section in our latest interim report as well as the “Risk Factors” section included in our Listing Prospectus dated 27 April 2022.