1. Proven ability to create world-class gaming brands

Remedy has a strong track record of developing successful, distinctive, high-quality games and game brands with memorable stories and interesting characters exploring immersive, expanding worlds. These brands can evolve into interlinked franchises, with a growing loyal player base keeping fans engaged for years.

2. Multi-project model as a basis for frequent meaningful game launches

Remedy’s multi-project model diversifies risk and creates continuity with scalable game productions. Remedy has different types of projects, with different partners, at different stages of development lifecycle on the games roadmap at any given point in time. In terms of a business model, Remedy’s game portfolio includes different type of games, ranging from traditional, big-budget AAA games to online multiplayer games and to free-to-play games. With well-designed, planned, led, and resourced projects, Remedy is in the position to launch high quality games on an annual basis.

3. Risk balanced way to manage the game development pipeline

Remedy’s current operations range from partner IP projects to own IP projects and co-publishing projects, each with different risk-reward profiles. Having differentiated revenue streams is the ideal way to achieve sustainable revenue and EBIT growth in a risk-controlled way over the long run, leading to more stable cash flows for years to come.

4. Strengthening position in the value chain

In line with its our strategy, Remedy has taken the first big steps towards expanding its operations to game publishing. As a co-publisher, Remedy is distributing the games digitally and is also are directly involved with marketing its games, thus being entitled to a larger share of game royalties.

5. Proprietary Northlight technology and tool set creates scalability and competitive advantage

Remedy’s proprietary Northlight technology and tool set powers the development of ground-breaking features and unique games that stand out in the market while helping to create synergies between projects. Having a strong technology team allows Remedy to customize and tailor workflows and content pipelines for the needs of the teams. Remedy is free to evaluate and adopt new technologies, new platforms and new third-party tools and middleware, depending on the needs.

6. High-quality company with strong balance sheet

Strong balance sheet enables Remedy to invest in game projects that will drive stable cash flows in the future. In addition, this gives Remedy a stronger position in partner negotiations as well as stronger means to execute strategy and carry out ambitious long-term growth plans.