Remedy is a game company seeking sustainable growth. Our objective is to establish ourselves with gamers as one of the most recognized and successful companies, providing enduring, versatile gaming experiences with captivating storylines and brands.

We create increasingly long-lasting games that bring together high quality gameplay and multi-faceted gaming experiences with engaging storylines. Our games are mainly designed for large-screen hardware (e.g. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs).

Strategic pillar 1: Longer lasting games in engaging worlds

We create game brands and games in a way that allows expansion into sequels and new games cost-efficiently. We design and develop our brand and our games in order to offer a high-quality gaming experience to the players every time, laying a strong foundation for possible sequels.

We operate under a multi-project model. We simultaneously develop several game projects, systematically advancing our expertise and methods, adopting an approach that ensures high quality games produced in a financially sustainable way.

Strategic pillar 2: Strong business ownership of our games

We take on a stronger role in the value chain with a risk balancing model, where our future operations involve producing games under brands owned by our partners and creating and further developing in-house games and brands simultaneously.

We develop and sustain a comprehensive player acquisition model and player life cycle service and maintenance model that are suitable for our brand and our games.

Remedy’s extensive experience within the gaming industry provides a foundation for adopting the new business and production models and moving to a stronger position in the value chain.

Strategic pillar 3: Professionally managed game development

The objective is to gradually move from the limited royalty outsourcing model to partnerships that allow the company to enjoy greater revenue generating possibilities.

With this approach, Remedy will share a greater portion of the profits and risks with the partner, but will have ownership of the game brand.

Strategic pillar 4: Empowered teams and people

In addition to partnerships, this allows the company to own brands, copyrights and ensure a steadier cashflow and more freedom in price negotiations.

At the same time, the company will continue to operate using the multi-project model, moving from games with exclusive rights to releases on multiple gaming platforms.