Games produced by Remedy are stories with excellent entertainment value guaranteed by technical quality that ensures an immersive gaming experience.

The company’s strength lies in its ability to create visually stunning, unique games and game brands based on a fascinating game world, story and an action packed gaming experience.

The results have included several international success stories. Remedy’s games have been made into TV series, books, comics and Hollywood blockbusters. Remedy currently has four game projects in development.



Control is a game brand created and owned by Remedy and published by 505 Games, a subsidiary of the Italian entertainment company Digital Bros S.p.A.

After three years of development, Control was released on 27th August 2019 to a great critical acclaim, gaining a 84/100 review score average. Control has been awarded as IGN’s Game of the Year and with The Golden Joystick Critics’ Choice Award, amongst several other accolades and nominations. Control was continued with two full, paid expansions during 2020.

Control project revenues are based on development payments from the publisher and share of game sales revenue. Remedy receives 45% of digital sales net revenue, which takes into account deductions such as retail and marketing costs of the game.

After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control. This supernatural 3rd-person action-adventure game will challenge you to master supernatural abilities and reactive environments while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world.

Crossfire, developed by Smilegate, is one of the world’s most popular online first-person shooters, where players wage war between the rival Global Risk and Black List mercenary factions. Remedy is using its world-building skills to create the Story Mode for Crossfire HD and CrossfireX. Featuring state-of-the-art character technology, we aim to take storytelling in the first-person military shooter genre to the next level.


Created and owned by the Korean game company Smilegate, Crossfire is one of the most popular FPS (first-person shooter) games in the world, with over 650 million registered and 8.5 million simultaneous players in 80 countries, generating over billion dollars in annual revenue.

Remedy and Smilegate began their Crossfire cooperation with a single player campaign titled Operation Frost, which is Remedy’s first FPS game and took roughly two and a half years to complete. It is followed by another Crossfire project, which was signed in October 2018 and is currently in production. Both projects are built using Remedy’s proprietary Northlight technology.

Crossfire project revenues are based on development payments from the publisher and potential royalties. The release schedule and communications regarding the game projects are all handled by the publisher Smilegate.

Smilegate and Tencent are expected to release a remastered PC version of the original game in China as Crossfire HD, which includes Remedy’s single player content.

Microsoft and Smilegate are bringing the game to Xbox platforms as CrossfireX, which also includes Remedy’s single player content and will be the first Crossfire game ever to be released on a console platform as it launches in 2021.

Unannounced projects with Epic Games

In March 2020, Remedy signed publishing agreements with Epic Games for an AAA game project and a smaller-scale game project, which we are developing for console and PC platforms. Both projects are based on Remedy’s own game IP, and we retain the IP ownership. Epic fully funds the development and has committed to significant marketing investment. After the development and publishing costs have been recouped from game sales, the net revenues will be shared 50/50 between Epic and Remedy.

The projects progressed well during 2020 and we now have close to 100 people working on them. The smaller-scale game is already in production, and the AAA game will be entering full production in spring 2021.


The Vanguard development team acts with a start-up mentality within the stability of a large company. Its mission is to challenge conventions and to prototype and ship new types of ongoing live multiplayer game experiences, alongside Remedy’s established and growing core game development teams and the Northlight technology group. The aim is to make groundbreaking video games that uphold the Remedy name.

In a nutshell, the Vanguard team is building a free-to-play co-op game: a service-based multiplayer experience that combines selected world-building and narrative strengths of Remedy. During 2020, the team has been iteratively developing the first playable version, continuously evaluating and learning, based on which there have been adjustments and changes both to the game and the team itself. The development is still in its early stages, but the pace of development and our first external tests and research show promise. The publishing model for Vanguard is yet to be decided.