The Board of Directors of Remedy is responsible for ensuring that the company’s risk management is organized in an appropriate and efficient manner.

The objective is to recognize, assess and manage strategic, operational, financial and traditional damage risks. The company takes risks within the framework of implementing strategy and reaching objectives. Risk management is aimed at comprehensively and proactively managing these areas of risk.

The company reports any significant risks in financial statements and half-year reports. Effective risk-taking and management is key for successful business operations and increased shareholder value. Risks related to Remedy’s business operations and operating environment have been published in the prospectus published in context of the First North listing in 2017.

The Board of Directors regularly assesses risks. During the annual review of the financial statements, the Board of Directors reviews any material risks impacting the company’s operations, as well as their possible impacts, deciding on any policies on how to address such risks. The adequacy and effectiveness of measures is assessed as part of operational supervision. Corrective measures are taken whenever necessary.