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Alan Wake 2 X Airam – Airam’s iconic thermos bottle takes on the look of the globally popular Alan Wake video game


The Finnish lighting company Airam and gaming company Remedy Entertainment have worked together to create a unique Oh Deer Diner thermos bottle. This collaboration between Alan Wake 2 X Airam combines Finnish design, storytelling, and everyday quality. The limited edition Oh Deer Diner thermos is part of the highly anticipated launch of the Alan Wake 2 video game and will be launched in September 2023.


Oh Deer Diner Thermos by Airam reveal video


The cooperation was inspired by the award-winning and popular game Alan Wake, which was first released in 2010. This story-driven action-adventure game successfully combined horror and ambience with a memorable story.


After a long wait, the game’s sequel, Alan Wake 2, will be released on October 17th, 2023. The Oh Deer Diner thermos, as part of the new game launch, is the first time Airam’s classic thermos collaborates with another brand.


“The thermos bottle has become a notorious little detail that has achieved cult status among the Alan Wake player community. Fans remember the achievement in the original game which the player earned after finding 100 hidden thermos bottles. In the sequel, the thermos plays a significantly more important role. This got us excited about the idea of creating an authentic Oh Deer Diner thermos for our fans,” says Remedy’s Communications Director Thomas Puha.


“At Remedy, we really value Finnish design sensibilities, which is what the iconic Airam thermos bottle also represents, so this collaboration was obvious to us,” says Puha.


Behind the Alan Wake 2 X Airam collaboration is the design work of two prominent Finnish companies. The sequel to Alan Wake is the result of years of work by the Remedy development team. Airam’s red thermos bottles, on the other hand, have been a part of Finns’ everyday life for decades. The goal was to turn the game’s thermos bottle into a real physical, high-quality extension of the gaming experience for fans.


“The Oh Deer Diner thermos is an example of a fan product designed with authenticity and quality first in mind. We are happy with how a nearly 90-year-old classic product gets a new generation look inspired by a video game,” says Airam’s Marketing Director Elina Tolonen.


The limited edition of Oh Deer Diner thermos bottles


The appearance of the Oh Deer Diner thermos bottle is completely true to the light blue patinated thermos bottle of the Alan Wake video game series. In terms of design and features, the thermos bottle of the limited edition corresponds to Airam’s traditional 0.45 liter bottle with a high-quality glass interior.


Airam’s red thermos bottle has a long history in Finns’ everyday life. The production of thermos bottles began in Helsinki in the 1930s. Vacuum technology was already used in the manufacturing of incandescent light bulbs, and the same technology could also be used in the manufacturing of thermos bottles. Today, Airam has moved from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs and smart lighting, but the iconic thermos is still a quality product loved by Finns.


The Oh Deer Diner thermos bottle produced in cooperation will be available as a limited-edition item from selected retailers from September 2023. In Finland, the Alan Wake 2 X Airam collaboration thermos is sold by K-Citymarket, Prisma, Kärkkäinen,, VPD Pelikauppa, Pick N Pay and Eurohamsteri. In addition, the special edition thermos can be ordered from the Remedy Store at and from Amazon at,,




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