Remedy’s approach to responsibility is based on three key elements: products, people and practices. Essentially this means asking what we do, who does it, and how?

For the most part, Remedy’s products are action-adventure video games designed for mature audiences. Before their release, our games are reviewed in market territories such as Europe and USA by the respective video game entertainment rating bodies such as PEGI and ESRB. This helps us label our products and marketing material with appropriate age ratings and content categories, which act as guidelines for both consumers and companies.

All Remedy’s released games are available as digital downloads. Compared to boxed products, digital downloads do not require physical packaging, reducing carbon emissions produced by manufacturing and distribution. Our games are developed mostly in a single location, the Remedy office, which gets 85% of its power from renewable energy sources.

Remedy’s diverse team of over 270 game industry professional is comprised of people from all walks of life, representing 27 nationalities. 17% of our employees are women, which is close to the gaming industry average. While attracting global, experienced game industry talent, Remedy also collaborates with schools and educational institutions in many different ways. This supports schools in their wider educational needs, motivates and opens paths to work life for young people, and also serves Remedy’s growth. Complying with Finnish law and the Non-Discrimination Act ensures that all Remedy employees and job candidates are treated equally.

With our practices, we strive to be a both operationally and financially sustainable company. This means assessing and mitigating risks constantly as well as maintaining an operational model that enables sustainable long-term growth.

As a Finnish public limited liability company, Remedy’s decision-making and governance comply with Finnish law, the company’s Articles of Association and the rules and regulation of Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland marketplace. Remedy’s governance principles are determined by the company’s Board of Directors. When preparing financial statements and half-year reports, Remedy complies with the Finnish Accounting Standards (FAS), which are based on the Accounting Act and Decree of Finnish law, guidance and statements made by the Accounting Board, and the First North Nordic Rulebook.